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Greetings fellow nomads, and welcome to our website. We are a team of global nomads who have spent our entire careers working in the financial industry, starting out in our respective home countries, then as expatriates (or immigrants, depending on your perspective…) for many years in various locations around the globe, before becoming “proper” digital nomads, ditching the work-from-an-office location-dependent lifestyle, and setting off to experience and enjoy living in various places all over the planet for a few months at a time. We love it.

Our collective experience includes years of experience working at a variety of banks, insurance companies, wealth management companies, investment fund managers, big-4 auditors and financial consultancies, in positions ranging from graduate entry level through to departmental heads, country managers, and directors. Some of us are working on this full-time, and others part-time whilst running other businesses.

Destiny has brought us together – not recently, we’ve been working together on various financial projects and companies for several years – and we’ve launched this website (and some others) to share the knowledge and expertise we’ve accumulated throughout our respective careers, specifically to help global nomads like ourselves to optimise their finances, take advantage of the opportunities global nomads have regarding financial planning (if you know where to look), and maximise every dollar/euro/pound etc you have. When we highlight specific products or companies, it is always the ones we (either all, or some of us) use ourselves.

We are also roping-in other global nomads with backgrounds in other (non-financial) industries who have complimentary skillsets – some people we’ve known and/or worked with personally at some point in time, and others who we’ve met and connected with online – to make sure we’re giving you as many helpful perspectives as possible. Optimal financial planning and management is one of the main ways to shape your own destiny, but it isn’t the only way!

There are not many sources of information about financial matters for global nomads, and particularly for location-independent digital nomads specifically – and even less which approach the subject from the perspective of having actually worked as professionals in the financial industry – so we decided to create one. We hope you like it!

The purpose of this website is to help you optimise your finances as a global nomad. As such, blog topics will cover:

And in amongst all that, you will get general information, ideas, and suggestions which can help you in your nomadic life, on your way to complete financial independence as a global nomad, and specifically, help you get there quicker and more efficiently. Note – future/wannabe nomads are also welcome!

We’ve named it “DestinyForNomads” because ultimately your destiny is in your hands – decisions made by “Current You” will have a direct impact on “Future You”. The decisions you make (and/or don’t make) today, this week, this month, this year and so on, will have a direct, significant impact on your future life. And whilst money certainly isn’t the most important thing in life, it’s very helpful to have more of it, and very smart not to waste it – so that’s what we will be covering, so that you can optimise your finances instead of compromising your finances, live your best life, and maximise your potential. We are not focussed on you – we are focussed on Future You!

If you would like to find out more about our team, check out our company website: ForNomadsGroup.com

If you want to hear what we have to say, you’re already on the right website – we hope you like it!

What you will get from this blog

And why it's worth a small amount of your time

Hit your financial targets

Learn how to set ambitious yet realistic financial targets, how to stay on track to achieving them, and how to make sure you succeed

Optimise your finances

Learn how to understand the financial services industry, how to make good financial decisions, and how to manage your financial assets

Avoid financial mistakes

Learn how to keep your money safe, and avoid “Future You” thinking: “Oh shit, I wish I’d done things differently when I was younger”

Be financially independent

Learn how to become, and remain, financially independent so you can follow your dreams without worrying about the financial implications