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Brazil launches a 1-year Digital Nomad Visa

Brazil is the latest country to recognise the economic benefits of attracting global nomads to live – and spend money – within its borders for extended periods of time, by simply making it easy for them to do so.

“Digital nomads’ salaries come from external sources, and the resources these immigrants bring can boost the national economy. This is an important step for Brazil to promote one of the world’s most modern working models” said José Vicente Santini, Justice Secretary and Head of the National Immigration Council of Brazil.

As with many other countries, Brazil is aiming for “wealthy” nomads – defined in their communications as “professionals” (i.e. someone who gets paid for doing something, which is most of us) who earn at least USD 1,500 per month.

Currently the visa on offer is for one year, which can then be extended for another one year. It can be applied for at any Brazilian Embassy or Consulate, by showing proof of remote worker status, proof of income, proof of having enough money to survive, and proof of private medical insurance which covers Brazil.

For those without private medical insurance, we recommend www.MedicalForNomads.com, which covers you in Brazil, and every other country worldwide except the USA, and meets or exceeds every published government requirement relating to visas and/or residency.

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