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Build an additional passive income as a MedicalForNomads affiliate partner

We’re delighted to confirm that finally, eventually, the MedicalForNomads affiliate program has launched!

It works pretty much exactly the same as other affiliate programs – get your own unique link and/or discount code, share it with other people who might be interested in MedicalForNomads, and be paid for every purchase made using your unique link and/or discount code.

Professional affiliate marketers will already know what to do – and can skip to the key features and sign-up link below – first we’ll cover the basics for those who might be considering getting an affiliate link for the first time.

How to be an affiliate partner

There’s a three-step process:

(a) Sign up and get your own affiliate link

This part is important, because this is how you get paid! If you use someone else’s unique link, they get paid instead of you; if you use the generic website address instead of a unique link, nobody gets paid. Each unique link simply redirects to the normal homepage – it just records which link was used to get there, and when someone makes a purchase, the affiliate partner who owns that link gets paid. Easy!

(b) Share your unique affiliate link

Get eyeballs on that link! It can be sent as part of a text message, as a social media post, included in a blog article… anywhere you can write words, you can write your unique affiliate code.

Content and Context are important – for example, sending a friend a message of “Hey, I thought you might be interested in MedicalForNomads, if you are please use my affiliate link! [insert link]” will be more helpful than simply sending the link on its own, and posting something along the lines of “To all my digital nomad friends: MedicalForNomads is the best medical insurance for global nomads because […insert your own reasons why]” will lead to more sales than simply posting a generic advert from our library.

(c) Get paid

By logging in to the affiliate portal, you’ll be able to see how many times your link has been clicked, how many purchases are pending, how many purchases have been completed, how much you’ve already been paid, and how much is being paid to you soon. Or you can just ignore all of that and wait for the money to hit your bank account or PayPal.

It’s $25 (USD) for each individual who joins – so $100 for a family of four, for example – regardless of their age, location, or what cover level they choose.

Key features of MedicalForNomads

Does this sound like something you want to help promote:

  • Full international medical insurance, including primary healthcare, made specifically for global nomads and expats who change location
  • Covers every single country worldwide except the USA, including your home country, regardless of nationality, residency status, reason for being there, or length of time you stay there
  • Direct payment to the hospital – it doesn’t have to be paid first and then claimed back
  • No excesses, deductibles, or co-payments for most treatments
  • Four levels of cover to choose from, ranging from Major Medical (inpatient-only, covers all the big potential things but not the small things), through to Fully Comprehensive (inpatient and outpatient, covers the small things as well)
  • Covers all hospitals, both private and public, and lets you choose which hospital to be treated at, whichever country you’re in or want to be in
  • Fully globally portable – you don’t need to do anything when you move countries, you’re automatically already covered and can get on with enjoying life
  • Vastly superior to any travel insurance product available from anywhere in the world, because it’s not travel insurance, it’s full, private, international medical insurance
  • Very competitive pricing – significantly less expensive than alternative providers when compared on a like-for-like basis, and only a tiny little bit more expensive than alternative providers of insurances which are nowhere near as good in terms of coverage

How to sign up

Click here to begin: MedicalForNomads.com/Affiliates

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