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We’re hiring – join us!

We continue to grow, and we’re looking for more people to join our team!

Currently, we’re specifically looking for someone to lead our DestinyForNomads media website content, which is focused on helping global nomads like us optimise their finances.

As you may have noticed, our content is great (we think!), but what’s holding us back is the frequency of new articles – we’re too slow.

We think the reason for this is (probably!) that whilst we have several financial experts on our team, who have years (decades, in some cases) of experience living as global nomads and expats, whilst working in senior financial industry positions, we don’t have anyone who is an accomplished journalist or blogger.

This means that writing articles doesn’t come naturally to any of us – we can do it, but it’s not our speciality, we’re not quick at it, we probably don’t write in the best prose, and additionally, we’re all mostly focused on other parts of running this business, and in some cases other businesses too.

We figure that with a specialist on board, our output would massively increase, which ultimately is going to be hugely beneficial for our readers, which is what we’re trying to achieve.

What we’re looking for

We have two lists – a list of what we need, all of which are absolutely required, and a wish-list of things we would like, but are not essential.

Absolutely required:

  • Experience of either journalism or blogging, in the English language, which can be demonstrated, i.e. we can find what you’ve written about online and assess your personal writing style
  • Capable of managing the full cycle – proactively deciding what to write about, writing it, optimising it for SEO, and publishing it on DestinyForNomads via WordPress
  • The ability to use journalistic skills to speak with our team members to tap into their knowledge around finance and “nomadism”, using us as a source to create great articles on a range of relevant topics which are accurate, helpful, and are not simply a written transcript of an interview
  • Knowledge of how to stay up-to-date with relevant nomad “news”, with the ability to quickly write your own article about the topic, whilst linking back to the original source when appropriate
  • Comfortable reaching out to other nomad-focused businesses and individuals with a view to collaborating with them and promoting any of their activities or services which align with our own objectives of encouraging other people to join us as global nomads, and helping other global nomads optimise their finances and live their best life
  • Someone who is (ideally) or wants to be (also ok) a global nomad themselves
  • Happy to work with a diverse, pleasant team of people who share common interests and goals, and who want to enjoy their work-life and not be dealing with drama on a day-to-day basis
  • A self-starter who doesn’t need to be “micro-managed” or told what to do on a daily basis, who can get things done on their own, and proactively contribute to the continued success of the team by “getting shit done” themselves, whilst being able to double-check anything with any other team member any time it’s needed
  • Experienced enough to know what to do, confident enough to tell us if we’re doing something wrong (or could simply be doing something better), courteous enough to suggest a solution rather than just highlighting a problem, and wise enough to understand that sometimes other people on the team will have a different opinion and that’s just the way it goes sometimes

Wish-list (preferred, but not essential):

  • Editorial experience, either professionally or as a self-editor
  • Experience of writing a range of articles on a range of topics, covering short-form and long-form articles
  • Experience or knowledge of the business side of media publishing, including monetisation through external affiliate programs and/or private placement advertisements
  • Technical knowledge of how to make relevant tweaks and improvements to a media website using WordPress
  • Experienced global traveller who can relate to other people of different nationalities and backgrounds
  • A strong aversion to click-bait, inaccuracy, “fake news”, sensationalism, etc
  • Willing to build a personal profile as a “face” of DestinyForNomads
  • An interesting background which can add depth and insight to commentary about issues which affect global nomads
  • A large personal network of friends and contacts who are themselves experienced nomads and/or expats

Things that are not relevant and/or important to us:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Nationality
  • Religion
  • Location
  • Visa/residency/immigration status
  • Wealth
  • Marital status, etc

What we are offering

  • Work from anywhere, entirely up to you
  • Work whatever hours suit you best, entirely up to you
  • Unlimited holidays/time off, take whatever time off you need, no need to ask for permission, just make sure the outputs are in line with what is agreed between you and the rest of the team
  • We are open to both full-time and part-time applicants – we are happy to work with people who have other businesses and projects to run, just like some of us, and/or we are happy to work with people in a full-time capacity, just like some of us
  • Remuneration is negotiable; even the way remuneration is calculated is negotiable, and we are fully open to ideas and opportunities which may involve a fixed salary, or an hourly rate, or output-based payments, or success-based bonuses, or profit-sharing of revenues, etc; the only thing which is not currently potentially agreeable is equity/ownership in the business
  • Some sort of probationary period is expected; after that, a range of employee benefits are negotiable
  • As a young start-up company, early team members will obviously have the best chances of leading a larger team of employees in future, if they want to, and if we continue to hit our targets and reach our goals; potential future opportunities are obviously subject to business needs, individual performance, and resources, but that’s the general expectation
  • We are unlikely to be the highest-paying employer you can find (although this will vary greatly depending on your current nationality, location, and/or background), but we think that the combined package of full work-life flexibility, opportunity to build a profile and showcase your work, and freedom to expand your skill-set and experience, is a fantastic opportunity for the right applicant(s)
  • We are always open to ideas and suggestions; as a member of our team, you will constantly have the chance to pitch your ideas for new business activities/projects to our management team, which can of course involve you getting a promotion/new role/higher income/etc

What to do if you’re interested in joining us in this capacity

Please send an email to hola@DestinyForNomads.com, which contains the following, either as a free-form written email and/or with a CV and cover letter attached:

  • A brief introduction about yourself
  • Details of your experience of writing articles, and links to where we can read them
  • Thoughts, comments, and responses to the “Absolutely required” and “Wish-list” sections above (please be brief yet informative)
  • Why you think you are a perfect fit for us at this time
  • A summary of what you can offer us, and what you would like from us in return – this can be highly specific or relatively broad, but it needs to be detailed enough for us to have an idea of what you can add to the team, at what price. Feel free to make more than one offer within the same email, just please note that we may have a lot of applicants, and therefore we would like to be able to efficiently assess and compare the expressions of interest that we receive. Please remember that we are specifically looking for someone to lead a business unit which is all about communicating ideas and information, so please communicate clearly what you can offer us, and what you want from us in return, so that we can quickly assess whether or not we are a good fit for each other at this time.

We will do our absolute best to personally reply to every expression of interest – we look forward to hearing from you!

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